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Over the past 17 years Dankav has successfully delivered thousands of building projects ranging from re-build work following floods, cyclones and earthquakes to new commercial buildings and architecturally designed unit developments.

Dankav works across Australia’s eastern seaboard in major cities including Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney through to regional centres such as Cairns and remote locations. The business is a market leader for catastrophe reconstruction and the business handles about 1000 insurance claims per year.

The common thread across such diverse buildings has been Dankav’s customer service focus and the capacity to rapidly deliver a quality end product. Dankav is a quality assured company under the international AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 standard.

With offices in the Gold Coast, Sydney, Brisbane and Bundaberg the business can cover a large geographical area under the direction of experienced Operations Managers. All Dankav supervisory staff have been selected for their extensive building experience, attention to detail and excellent customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

We take pride in our capacity to quickly mobilise, handle claims and rectify damage. With our own trucks, mobile claims office, refuse skips and qualified tradespeople Dankav can get in and do the work as quickly as possible.

We provide a complete service of claim management including reporting, quoting and repairing as required.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and are dedicated to meeting service level agreements at all times. Our values and commitment have led to our reputable status among the insurance and building industry.

Dankav is an approved preferred repairer on the panel for Suncorp Commercial Property Repair Services and has also provided services to numerous other insurers and assessors including all loss adjusters, Vero Insurance, AMP Insurance, AAMI, APIA and GIO Insurance

1. Visiting and inspecting damage

The process will start with an appointment for our supervisor to visit and inspect your property. We will then prepare a quote for your insurance company. The quote will based on the damage listed on the scope of works provided to Dankav by your insurance company or assessor.


2. Make safe

Dankav can be appointed to undertake ‘make safe’ repairs to eliminate or reduce further resultant damage to your property. This could be putting a tarpaulin on a roof or disconnecting electricity to the property.


3. Providing the quote

We will provide our quote to your insurance company usually within seven days of our initial visit.


4. The next steps – assessing the quote

Your claim will be assessed based on quotes or inspection reports from Dankav and possibly engineering or other technical reports.

If the claim is accepted, the insurance company will authorise Dankav or an alternative repairer to proceed with your repair.


5. Planning the work

Once your insurer has given Dankav the authority to proceed we will discuss the work program with you and how repairs can be carried out as quickly as possible with minimal disruption.

Depending on the scale of the rectification work and state legislation we will provide you with a building contract for signing prior to commencement.

Insurance policies differ in terms of what is covered. We strongly recommend that you read your policy disclosure statement issued by your insurance company. Your insurance broker or insurer can provide more information.
An excess may be payable on claims – please refer to your policy. If an excess applies insurance companies may require that Dankav collect this excess. Should this apply the excess will need to be paid to Dankav before we start work. Dankav will discuss any policy excess that applies.
The area of fencing can be complex – generally if yours is a dividing fence, your insurer will only cover half the cost of fence repairs as it may be considered that you own half the fence. If the fence is between your property and government or council land the insurance company may cover all the cost of repair. Your insurer may choose to give you a cash settlement for the half portion, less any excess that may apply.
Dankav often gets asked to complete work outside the scope of what is covered by an insurance claim. We are happy to discuss this with you and it can be more economical to undertake home improvements when tradesmen are on site. An authority to proceed or a contract specifying the work will be drawn up and a deposit is required.
You will have a supervisor assigned to your job and this person will be your primary contact. Our claims department will also be in contact and would be glad to assist with any queries you may have.

Explaining the claims and repairs process

This brochure answers frequently asked questions and explains the process of getting repairs completed.


Capability Statement

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